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 Thank you for taking the time to visit us and we hope you will consider WebsitesForAll for your website development plans. We assure you that we can help you achieve your goals in a timely fashion and within budget.

WebsitesForAll has been building websites since 2007. We are a focussed team of lateral thinking website developers which understands the benefits of a clear, informative and captivating website. Our unique approach ensures that our customer standards are exactly met, through a permanently open communication channel. We aim to provide our customers with the complete satisfaction of exciting websites that make a unique, positive impact.

 Our BCD system will transform your website into a webspace you can be proud of.

 The following website development plan is a sample of the work that can be done. If you require more information, please contact us or make an enquiry, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Thank you!



BCD system explained



Assesment and Planning

Your satisfaction is our pride. Deadlines are our focus so we can keep you happy while running your business.

 Here, at WebsitesForAll we know very well that each person or company has specific needs and standards. We build unique websites.

After your company approves our BCD plan, we start the Website Development process.

Website Development
Webpages creation
Home page and interior pages
HTML, CSS, Javascript programming
Content Management System creation
cms creation
Site optimization for mobile devices
We use Bootstrap framework and your website will be a responsive website accessible from mobile devices as a mobile website.
Website Testing
Objective Timeline
Assesment and planning Up to two weeks
Building draft created Up to two months
Customer approval Up to one week


Content Management System configuration
Any existing content integration
Analytics setup through Google
Further customization through BCD extended services, if ordered
Objective Timeline
Implement changes Up to two weeks
Final building, beta testing Up to three weeks
Customer approval Up to one week


Website Deployment
Hosting setup
DNS records setup
Test website setup
SSL certificates instalation
Email setup
Back up the old website if any
Website Launch
Objective Timeline
Implement changes Up to two weeks
Customer approval Up to one week
Website launch Up to one week



BCD extended services

 Whether your unique website is a new or an existing one, WebsitesForAll can provide BCD extended packages to help you with your project.
For pricing please make an enquiry.

     Database integration

WebsitesForAll provides you with database creation and development solutions. We create software application that interacts with the user, and the database to capture and analyze data. We'll design and build a MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database for your business.

     Project support

WebsitesForAll can support you with your new or existing web or software development project.

Project planning and issue management.
Develop and maintain the project library, form filing, recording and reporting systems.
Develop and implement appropriate configuration for your project.
Information on the progress of the project - management and analyse.
     Custom software

WebsitesForAll delivers custom software for your unique needs. We deliver specialized and unique user interfaces, workflow, and system interconnects that provide you with more benefits and resultant value than an off-the-shelf application offer.
Our services help your modern-day enterprise keep pace with the rapidly changing market environment with the help of advanced system enablement and flawless functional compliance.

     Marketing email:

WebsitesForAll can integrate your marketing email with the newly built website.



Sample Pricing

Name Price QTY Subtotal
Planning £300 1 £300
UX/UI £500 1 £500
Programming £2000 1 £2000
Test/Launch £1000 1 £1000
Training £500 1 £500
Subtotal: £4300
Tax(20%): N/A
Total: £4300


The processing model described in this website development plan applies to any implementation. Prices are variable and are provided with the free quote.


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